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Light Up Soccer Ball Size 5

(Same as LED Soccer Ball, better than Glow In the Dark!)

LED soccer ball background

Light Up
Ball #5!

How To Change
Light Up Ball

Soccer Fun At Night!
Super-Bright, Internal LED!
Awesome! Fun! Great gift!
Tough, Nylon-Wound Rubber!
Official Size 5 LED Soccer Ball!
TealCo Light-Up Soccer Ball with Patches Glowing

LED Soccer Ball Video Coming Soon!

Have more fun after dark with the TealCo Light Up Soccer Ball! This size 5 LED soccer ball is made of tough, nylon-reinforced rubber and has a very bright LED inside that shines through the orange panels and makes the ball easy to see at night, even from opposite ends of a soccer field. The LED is powered by 3 wafer batteries (included) that are easy to find in stores and easy to change.

The TealCo LED soccer ball is shipped uninflated in factory wrapping, so a standard air pump and needle are needed for inflation. WE CAN SHIP THE BALLS INFLATED BY REQUEST, BUT IT ADDS PER BALL TO THE SHIPPING COST DUE TO SIZE.

ON SALE! $24.95!


EXTRA BATTERIES (10-STRIP) come with every ball!

Parts & Stuff
Button, Spring
and Grommet
LED Light
(Batteries Incl.)
LR44 Batteries
(Strip of 10)
Air Pump &
Air Needle
Air Needle
(No Pump)

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Light Up Soccer Ball for sale Glow In the Dark Soccer Ball Daytime

TealCo Light-Up Soccer Ball Info

Don't let the night put an end to your soccer fun! Get a light up LED soccer ball and keep playing after dark! While your standard soccer ball is fine for kicking around in the daytime, TealCo LED soccer balls light up with the push of a button, allowing you see the ball glowing from anywhere on the field in the middle of the night!

These are regular, inflatable soccer balls made of a fiber-reinforced rubber-like polymer that allows light to be transmitted through the surface of the ball. The on/off switch for the illuminating LED is receded to prevent accidentally turning the light off in use, and the batteries are easy to replace with nothing but your hands and a coin.

Batteries for the TealCo Light-Up LED Soccer Ball

The TealCo Lighted Soccer Ball uses three (3) LR44 watch batteries to power a single, ultra-bright LED light. One set of batteries lasts a long time, and batteries are included with each new lighted soccer ball. We still recommend that you buy extra batteries when you purchase any light-up frisbee or ball so that you don't have to go out and find someplace that sells them when the original batteries finally run out. (Batteries can last anywhere from an hour to 3 days. Little batteries are just like that.)

Glow-in-the-Dark LED/Light-Up

We use the term glow in the dark soccer ball so that people unfamiliar with the "light up soccer ball"term will still be able to find our products. In reality, "glow in the dark soccer ball and LED soccer ball" or light up soccer ball" not the same thing. Glow-in-the-dark means the sports ball or disc has to be exposed to light to absorb light before it can emit light, or glow. Even then, the glow is weak and fades quickly. LED lights, on the other hand, are battery-powered and bright! All of the sports balls we have for sale use LEDs, not glow paint.

What's the difference between the TealCo LED Soccer Ball and the Zuru LED Soccer Ball?

The TealCo Light Up Soccer Ball is inflated and a full size 5, 8.75" diameter. The Zuru light up soccer ball is a 5.5" diameter foam, or a little bit bigger than a softball.

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