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Aerobie Skylighter Light-Up Discs, Not Light Up Frisbees! ("Frisbee" is a trademark of Wham-O Toys, and these flying discs are made by Aerobie.)

Yellow Aerobie Skylighter Frisbee Disc Yellow Aerobie Skylighter Lg
Red Aerobie Skylighter Frisbee Disc Red Aerobie Skylighter Lg
Green Aerobie Skylighter Frisbee Disc Green Aerobie Skylighter Lg
Blue Aerobie Skylighter Frisbee Disc Blue Aerobie Skylighter Lg



*We cannot guarantee your color of choice. Please see below for more info.


(Batteries are $4.99 per strip of five. Each Skylighter uses two Lithium CR2032 batteries.)

aerobie skylighter flying frisbee night disc

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Look! What's that up in the sky? UFO? No! It's an Aerobie SKYLIGHTER LIGHT-UP DISC!

White, high intensity LEDs make this one of the brightest discs anywhere!

"The entire surface of the SKYLIGHTER lights up brilliantly. As night time approaches and sunlight fades, our Aerobie Skylighter attracts a crowd every time!"


Aerobie Skylighter Lighted Flying Disc
  • Powerful WHITE LIGHT LEDs light up the whole disc, not just little dots on the edge.
  • The LED lighting is welded to the disc body with soundwaves for a stronger bond than glue.
  • Energy-efficient LEDs make batteries last a long time!
  • Batteries are easy to replace when they do eventually go out.


Its extra large diameter and patented Spoiler Rim for comfortable throws and wobble-free flight make the SKYLIGHTER a great flying disc for players of all skill levels.

lighted aerobie night disc


The Aerobie SKYLIGHTER is very durable and designed to withstand many head-on collisions with concrete, and the textured rubber rim provides a secure grip and softer, more sting-free catches than traditional frisbees.


Low profile, low drag aerodynamics for long, easy flights. The raised rubber edge of the Aerobie Skylighter distributes friction between the thrower's finger and thumb more evenly than a traditional Frisbee-type disc, making the disc easier to throw straight and without wobble!

The Aerobie Skylighter is great as a cheap birthday or graduation gift for teenagers!

*  *  *  *  *  *

The SKYLIGHTER is made in the USA!


ATTENTION: We cannot guarantee your color of choice.

Aerobie does not wholesale individual colors to retailers. The most ordered color is blue, which means that blue is almost always sold out. IF you order BLUE and we have blue , we will send blue . If you order blue and we do not have blue blue , we will send whatever color we have the most of. We apologize for this inconvenience.


(Batteries are $4.99 per strip of five. Each Skylighter uses two Lithium CR2032 batteries.)

NONE of the flying discs sold by TealCo.net are made by or in any way associated with Hong-Kong-owned Wham-O or their made-in-China Frisbees. Text, layout, and Aerobie Skylighter photos Copyright TealCo.net, 2010

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