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Bucky Balls Logo Buckyballs are a choking hazard and not for small children!
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Buckyballs are VERY powerful neodymium magnet spheres. Each set comes with 216 magnet balls, which is plenty to occupy one pair of hands. The magnets are so strong that the whole set of 216 balls can be held up by just the 216th ball!

The fun in Buckyballs is their natural magnetic alignment, which makes them easy to form into infinite geometrical shapes and patterns. Sure to entertain artistic and mathematical type people, this was named Toy of The Year in Rolling Stone Magazine magazine!

Buckyballs Example
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Buckyball Case

Not only are the Buckyball Magnets an entertaining way to kill time and challenge yourself, but an added bonus is the satisfaction you'll get in amusing other people watching you make the Buckyballs do tricks... and then watching them try (and fail) to repeat your performance.

Practice is key to pulling off impressive maneuvers like those shown in the video above. The same magnetism (or polarity) that lets you create cool shapes can also cause problems when you first start using your Buckyballs, and they will sometimes clump together into a messy lump. After you've experimented and practiced a while though, you will find this won't happen very often.

Not that you have to practice all THAT much... It took us maybe 15 minutes to practice enough to duplicate the Buckyballs video on this page. There are other videos on YouTube that you can learn, or you can make up your own. The more you play with them, the less often you have to pick them apart.

Check out our Buckyball Instructions and Buckyball Blog for help learning to use your Buckyball Magnets.

Customer Photo:
Lyla's Tater-Tot

Lyla's Tater-Tot: Buckyballs Customer Photo

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Have you created something original and awesome like Lyla's tator-tot? Send us a photo so we can add it to our Buckyball Photo Gallery ! Send to sales @ tealco.net .

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We can't sell Buckyballs brand for any cheaper price (or they'll sue us), but we have the same magnet balls in generic packaging for a lower price! View Generic Super Magnet Balls! to compare!

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