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LED Light-Up Night Volleyball

(BETTER than glow-in-the-dark!)

***These Light-Up Volleyballs are not padded like regular Volleyballs in order for the LED light to show through. They are harder than standard volleyballs, and they sting if you hit them hard.***

Big Light Up Volleyball
TealCo Light Up Volleyball


LED Light-Up Sports Ball Accessories

Extra Batteries
$3.99 per 10 strip (LR44)
Inflation Needle - $0.99

(You'll need it to inflate the ball if you don't already have one.)

Air Pump - $5.99

(Mini Air Pump for Sports Balls - air needle included.)

Did you lose a part? Want to stock up on some extras just in case?

LED-Battery Assembly

Plastic cylinder battery cartridge with installed batteries and mounted L.E.D. (The unit fits inside the ball before the button assembly.)

On/Off Button Assembly

Includes rubber grommet, button and spring. Unit fits inside the ball after the LED-Battery Assembly.

For help changing the batteries or assembling new parts for your L.E.D. Sports Ball, see Lighted Football Battery-Changing Instructions

*Glow-in-the-Dark vs LED/Light-Up

We use the term glow-in-the-dark so that people unfamiliar with LED will find our products. In reality, glow-in-the-dark and LED are not the same thing. Glow-in-the-dark means the sports ball or disc has to be exposed to light to absorb light before it can emit light, or glow. Even then, the glow is weak and fades quickly. LED lights, on the other hand, are battery-powered and their brightness lasts for hours!

So just to clarify: we sell LED, not glow-in-the-dark!

TealCo Light-Up Volleyball General Description

Don't let the sunset put an end to your volleyball match! Get a Light-Up Volleyball to play into the night! These are standard sized, standard weight, 18 panel volleyballs made of a rubberized polymer with fiber reinforcement and their material allows light to be transmitted to the surface of the balls. They have a very bright LED light inside that lights up all the orange panels of the ball so that you can see the volleyball at night without overhead lights.

The Volleyball is lit by an inner LED light. The LED light is mounted through a hole in the side of the volleyball and has a push button on/off switch attached. The on/off switch for the illuminating L.E.D. is receded to prevent accidentally turning the light off in use, and the batteries are very easy to replace with nothing but your hands. It is very bright and easily seen from farther away than the length of a volleyball court!

Batteries for the Light-Up Volleyball

The LED volleyball uses three (3) LR44 watch batteries to power a single, ultra-bright LED light. One set of batteries lasts a long time due to LED technology, and batteries are included with each new volleyball. We still recommend that you buy extra batteries when you buy the volleyball though, because the original batteries will eventually run out of juice.

PLEASE READ: Light-up Volleyball and Standard Volleyball Differences

Regular volleyballs are made of soft leather, and that leather has padding under it. Light doesn't go through leather or padding, though, so our volleyballs don't have either one of them. LIGHT-UP VOLLEYBALLS ARE HARDER AND HEAVIER THAN STANDARD VOLLEYBALLS. If you serve a light-up ball as hard as you would serve a regular ball, it will hurt, so advanced players will need to tone down the game a notch or two with the light-up volleyball.

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