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Levitron® Revolution Series Magnetic Levitation Platform Instructions

Levitron Floating Collectible Car
Levitron Platform in the Air

Levitron Revolution Instruction Video

How to Levitate with the Levitron

If you get all 4 corners lighted, go to step 5.

If you try for longer than about 10 seconds and still do not have all 4 corners lit, one of the circuits has probably overheated and you will need to start over. Remove the platform and wait for all 4 lights to come one, then go back to step 2. You can also check to see if your base is getting hot by feeling it with your hand. If the base is hot, your best bet is to wait a few moments and then try levitation again.

There is no sudden feeling or sensation once the platform is positioned correctly. It does not jerk into place, *click*, or otherwise give any indication that it is positioned other than the lights. When you feel nothing and all 4 lights are on, very gently let go.

If your lights all go out and don't come back on within a few seconds, just unplug the base and let it cool down for a while before you try again.

Patience is the key to success here. Once you have balanced and levitated the Levitron a few times, it isn't so hard anymore.

Levitron Revolution Globe Instructions:

*The manufacturer no longer makes the globe. These instructions apply only to older models.

***The globe is hard to balance perfectly, and can be knocked off center very easily by jarring or by air gusts. Don't put it where it will be blown on by air vents or by wind from an open outside door, or in a high-traffic area like a work desk or kitchen table. Choose its final location wisely before you spend time balancing it.

Levitron Revolution Easy Float

Levitron Revolution Magnetic Levitation Floating Toy


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