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Light-Up • LED • Reflective
Dog Collars, Leashes, & Tags for Dogs

Light Up Dog Collars, Leashes, Tags

Reflective, light-up dog collars, leashes, and tags are easily visible from up to a mile away to make your dog safe and easy to find at night. Light-up collars, tags and leashes are great for rural areas, camping, hiking, fishing, parks, outdoor events, jogging, walking, bicycling, etc. All of our lighted collars, leashes, and tags use inexpensive, easy-to-find batteries (included!) and can stay lighted for up to 200 hours on a single battery (blinking mode).

Reflective, Lighted Dog Collar/Leash/Tag Features:

Dog wearing light up collar
  • Visibile up to one mile at night
  • Lightweight, tough, weather resistant
  • Long battery life!
  • Safe - Operates on 3 volts
  • Patented reflective polymer/LED light combination
  • On, Blinking, and Off Settings
  • Battery Included!
Why to use light up collars.

**PLEASE measure around your dog's neck before you order, as customers are responsible for the shipping costs of exchanging collars. Please also try the collar you order on your dog before you tear the tag off. We cannot exchange collars with the tag removed. Thank you!

Extra Batteries

These lithium wafer batteries are for our light-up collars, tags, and leashes. Please look at item descriptions to determine which size battery you need. They are also available at grocery and hardware stores (for a higher price).

$4.99 per strip of 5

$4.99 per strip of 5

*All of our collars and leashes come with batteries included.

Original Reflective, L.E.D. Lighted Dog Collar

Red Light-Up Reflective Dog Collars

Protect and easily locate your pets in the dark of night with an LED lighted dog collar from TealCo! These bright and durable collars feature a buckle that snaps on or off in seconds and a top-positioned, steel D-ring large enough for virtually all leashes. The LED has a switch to make it light up constantly, blink (to save batteries), or turn it completely off. The collar's stitching is also reflective for added visibility to headlights.

Uses one CR2032 battery. (Included)

Size Length
Small Collar 12"-14"
Medium Collar 15"-20"
Large Collar 21"-25"



*See chart below for size details

Dog Wearing Red Light-Up Collar Dog Wearing Red Light-Up Collar at Night

Reflective, L.E.D. Lighted Designer Dog Collar

These designer collars are reflective and lighted by a bright LED, just like the Original Reflective, Lighted Dog Collar, but with decorative patterns on them for more fashion-conscious dogs. The Designer Collars use one CR2032 battery (included).

LED Designer Collars are available in three color styles:


Size Length
Small Collar 12"-14"
Medium Collar 15"-20"
Large Collar 21"-25"

Color Size



L.E.D. Lighted Collar Covers, Non-Reflective

PolyBrite Collar Covers can be seen from a mile away in total darkness with the same bright LED technology as the lighted collars, but the Collar Covers attach to your dog's existing collar with velcro straps. They are intended to fit across the back of a medium or large dog's collar, but are also useful for dogs with necks too small for any of the lighted collars and legs too short to keep the light-up collar tags from dragging on the ground.




Lighted Collar Covers

L.E.D. Light-Up, Reflective Dog Tags

Reflective tag lights are the most versatile visibility item available, ideal for pets, joggers, bicyclers, walkers, campers, tents, markers, and anyone or anything else that needs to be seen from a distance at night. They snap on and off from any ring or loop instantly.

Product Size: 7.25"(Be sure there's at least 8 inches between the bottom of your dog's collar and the ground.)

Light-up Reflective Tags come in red and white (orange is discontinued), but all the reflector colors light up red when there is no light shining on them.

Uses 1 CR2032 Battery (Included)



light up LED dog tag reflector

SpotLit L.E.D. Dog Tag Light

The SpotLit lighted tag is smaller than the reflective tags above, but the LED is just as bright! The SpotLit only hangs down about 2 inches, so it is better for small dogs. The SpotLit can be hung from a dog collar, a zipper, a keychain, a disc golf goal, a fishing pole, or just about anything else.

Uses 2 CR2016 Batteries (included)



SpotLit LED Lighted Tag Light

Nite Dawg L.E.D. Lighted Dog Leash

The NiteIze "Nite Dawg" LED lighted dog leashes are a great choice for safely walking your dog in the early morning or late at night! The leashes' red LED-lighted core provides maximum visibility of you and your pet (a distance of one mile) wherever you choose to go. With high quality nylon weave and a sturdy metal, rotating clip that attaches to your dog's collar, these leashes are strong enough to hold onto even the biggest dog!

  • Bright Red LED Light
  • Glow and Flash Modes
  • 150 hour battery life
  • Uses one 2032 3V Lithium Wafer Battery
  • Battery Included
  • High quality, red webbing
  • 60 inches (5'; 1.5m) long, 1 inch wide
  • Very strong! Fine for big dogs!
  • 400 foot visibility

Nite Dawg LED Light-Up Leash

Also See:

AURORALITES Waterproof Light-Up
Professional Dog Collar

Professional Collars use electroluminescent technology (EL) instead of LEDs and fiber optics, and are designed for use by trained field dogs (Police, Fire, Rescue, SWAT) for enhanced visibility, but can also be used on non-professional dogs.

Auroralites are great for dogs that like to get in the water on camping or boating trips because it's waterproof, even for extended periods of time.

The Auroralites collar is not a collar for a leash or for restraining a large dog. It is designed to make the dog visible and will unsnap if strained so that it cannot trap a dog if it gets stuck on an underwater limp or a tree branch. Please click the picture at right for more information or to order an Auroralites dog collar.

Auroralites L.E.D. Waterproof Collar

Auroralites Waterproof Collar Info and Video

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